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Specializing in:
  • Concrete
  • Block
  • Rubblestone
  • Complete Interior and Exterior Weeping Tile Systems
Sump Pump Drainage Systems
Our “Sump Pump Drainage Systems” offer extensive water removal from under your concrete basement floor. Combined with attaching to your existing exterior weeping tile system, we can eliminate your water seepage problems.

Complete Brick Sealing and Waterproofing
Did you know that some bricks are very porous and can soak up water from a heavy rain, sprinkler system etc? This can cause water to come into your basement over your foundation behind your drywall and show up on the floor. As well, these bricks can deteriorate quickly during the freeze/thaw seasons and then must be replaced.

We offer complete brick sealing with a commercial brick sealer called “Enviroseal Double 7”. This is a premium product offered only to contractors. This product is sprayed on, allowed to cure and will protect your brickwork from 7 – 15 years. Once applied, you will see the water simply bead off your brickwork. Don’t be fooled by the inexpensive products that can be purchased at your local hardware store. Many of these products put a coating on your brickwork that do not allow the bricks to breath. Bricks of today are designed to breath.

An inexpensive solution to what can be an expensive repair.

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